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Required Equipment

One of the credos of minor hockey in Canada is to play safe; that requires proper equipment that protects the player and fits properly to allow maximum freedom of movement.  The image below shows a properly equipped player.  Roll your mouse over the equipment names at the left ( or on the image below ) to get a closer look at each piece.

Remember, even the best equipped player is not truly protected if his or her equipment does not fit properly. Click here to launch a pop-up window that details how to outfit your player properly.

Helmet  |   Full-face mask  |   Mouth guard  |   Throat protector
Shoulder pads  |   Elbow pads  |   Gloves  |   Athletic support/protector
Pants  |   Shin pads  |   Skates  |   Stick
Required equipment
Helmet Throat Protector Full-face Mask Elbow Pads Mouth Guard Gloves Shoulder Pads Athletic Support Protector Hockey Stick Hockey Pants Shinpads Skates